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  • 來捧個場吧!
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  • 我知道~
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  • icobdman
  • 我還知道...

  • jihjihjih
  • 我還知道我有妳的前年在台中跨年演唱會的簽名..

    我還知道 妳很久沒發新專輯了..

    我還知道 妳很久都沒空回回覆了..

    我還知道 我悄悄結婚了..

    但是 還是很支持妳的唷..
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  • 好的部落格就要和好朋友分享--感謝分享
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  • 不知道若藍什麼時候還會再出新專輯



  • zaybr
  • Thanks !!!

    I want to say thanks for every things u give me ....
    I'm from Vietnam , in my country , somebody like the taiwan music , but not much , and realy not enough for a singer .... cause we don't know what the mean of this ......
    I love music , and like every thing about the melody ...... first time i listen your song was 绿袖子 . Realy i don't know what it's mean , but i love this , your voice come from the heart , not go to ear , it's go to my soul ..... thanks for that ...
    When i say that over here , cause i don't know how to say thanks to you .... if it's not the place for that , i'm so sorry ^^ .....
    Have nice day and i hope have sweet dreams every time u get some sleep.
  • icobdman
  • RE: zaybr

    “綠袖子” means “ Greensleeves”

    You know?
  • zaybr
  • icobdman

    yeah , realy i know . But i don't know what the mean of the song . I feel about the melody . And somethings out of this , face of singer in the bathroom was nice and feel cool in sad . It's say nothing .
  • icobdman
  • RE:zaybr

    In the music video , Antony and Shorty Blue were lovers. Afterwards , Antony had a new sweetheart .One day, Shorty Blue received her American BOSS 's order──killing her ex-boyfriend Antony. Then, the ending I believe you know.
  • zaybr
  • @icobman

    Thanks man . I hope i can know more than that . when i watch video clip , i know what's it want to say . But i don't know the mean of the song :)) . I thinks it's enough , i love melody :)) , and i like somebody share me what they know . With Vietnamese like me , can listen a love
    Nice to meet you icob . Hope you have lovely life . Thanks for everything you give to me . If you can , say it to Shorty for me :) .
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